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getting lost on campus

funfunfun NOT

my feet hurt!
so i wake up hoping my roommate will come but i wake up at 11 am and shes not here and i know she wont come wahh so call my counselor to discuss my schedule and then he tells me to go to busch and im like ughh but go get ready and leave to busch i leave at 1:30 and i dont reach busch til 4:30 -____- i did not think it was gonna take me this long to get to fucken busch campus! i made some friend son the way though and i got to know cook/douglass campus i was too tired to explore busch campus when i got there
anyways then i started craving subway!

so i went to college ave to get subway for the first time in my life !
oven roasted chicken sub! it was so fucken yummy i didnt know subway could be so good! anyways then i headed back to cook 

met my neighbors today they are okey people

anyways then i came back to no roommate i came back around 7 i was so tired i tried to get online but failed and then i shut it off and started eating goldfish cookies then i turned the laptop on at 10 and the internet was working and oovooed with stephers:D
we need to chill asap!
still talking to her 

-Silvia Sue Sadie Lulu

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