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"You wanna know what it makes you feel like ?"
“it’s never enough”
“ A never ending battle”
“ Yes”


i feel closer to one of my friends

but i dont think its for the right reasons, at the same time it is. 

and I just have to write about this because its something I didnt expect

she understands me 

some people are easy to talk and some people are not so i dont even bother with some, and some will judge you, this girl never ever judged me probably shook her head at some things but knew me, she was always easy to talk to, but now we are on the same boat 

Worst Fourth of July
But good things came out of it
& it ended being okay
Best friends are suppose to be there for you no matter what , no questions asked I asked my best friend to come get me cause I was in a bad bad place and she did , forgetting that we hadn’t talked for a year
She’s always been there
& for me to ignore such friendship for a year is crazy
The reasons were strong of course and once I’m done with someone it’s done
But I wasn’t happy yesterday , haven’t been that sad in years?. It’s family problems but I don’t usually expect that. Things that come unexpected hurt me the most
& the only person who would understand is her everyone else would have thought it was silly
Guess I’ll add her to people I can’t ever be done with making it 4 people :D

"Is it too much too ask…"
“It’s never to much to ask. When ? Where ?”

Anyways I spent the fireworks with her bc i didn’t really wanna see our hs , wasn’t in the mood for people
Talking to her made me feel better and then my other friends came to pick me up, which was cool but they bs a lot and I wasn’t in the mood for that but somehow I found myself smiling again

Why aren’t girls opting into computer science? What’s the issue? And so much of it is about culture. It’s the messages we’ve subtly and unconsciously sent to girls: that computer science and math is not for you … I think we teach girls at a very young age not to get dirty, to be nice, this whole princess myth. We indoctrinate our girls to behave in a certain way.

Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code in an interview for ThinkProgress (via women-in-science)